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Sambo(or Sombo)is the english translation of the Russian acronym meaning "self defense without weapons".  The Russian translation is actually SAMozaschitya Bez Oruzhiya.  Sambo was designed for true warfare combat effectiveness.  In the 1930's the sport version of Sambo was codified to allow for a venue of competition. 

Sambo wrestling was born of many indigenous Russian and regional arts...these native, regional combat systems were Kurash, Kokh and Chidaoba.  There were, of course, influences from other countries as the founders had studied Judo, western boxing and Karate.  You can see the influence from Kodokan Judo, Greco Roman and Freestyle wrestling heavily in the Sport version consistently. 

Sambo is known for it's phenomenal matwork as well. The Sambo approach to groundwork does truly endeavor to move with the energy of your opponent and to be in constant movement at all times.  Known throughout the world for their extremely precise leg attacks, it seems to be forgotten that the Sambist  is extremely adept at armlocking an opponent.  Submission Wrestling is an ancillary portion of Sambo so it is useful for all sorts of grappling competitions.  The Sambist became known after entering the international format of Judo for pulling of armlocks at all angles and from all positions...EVEN STANDING!!!

Sambo is generally considered to have two sides...Sport and Combat.  Although you will find some schools that consider there to be a third side, Self-Defense.  We focus on the Sport and Combat side here at New Breed Sombo.

The Sambo Rank System

Traditionally Sambo does not have rank system involving belt color.  Normally, your designation comes in the form of "Master of Sport", "Merited Master of Sport"  and "International Master of Sport".  These designations come from your competition record.  Sambo has a colored belt rank system in the west for several reasons. . Here at New Breed Judo and Sombo Club we follow the USSA(United States Sombo Association) and Team Storm Rank system which is the same for both Juniors(16 years of age and younger)and Seniors(17 years of age and older). The ranks follow below as set forth by the USSA and Team Storm.


Yellow Belt

Orange Belt

Green Belt 

Blue Belt

Purple Belt

Brown Belt

Black Belt   


Initial Sign-up - $150.00 (Includes USSA Annual membership, uniform/shoes and 1st month dues)

Monthly Dues - $80.00


For more information on Sambo or our schedule of classes, please feel free to contact us at (501)612-0242 or via e-mail at NO-GI .